Informit Showcases Indigenous-led Research Initiatives and Informit Explore at ALIA 2024

Thank you to this year’s Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) 2024 conference, for offering us the opportunity to share our First Peoples’ lens initiatives and latest product, Informit Explore.

Our Head of Product, Laki Sideris’s presentation on our Open Access (OA) Indigenous-led research initiatives was well-received. The strong turnout underscores the importance of elevating Indigenous voices and perspectives in research. For those who couldn’t attend the presentation, we’ve made the slide deck available below to ensure everyone can access.

The conference also provided us with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions on pressing topics like misinformation and disinformation. These conversations highlighted the crucial role of libraries in providing reliable information and educating lifelong learners, reinforcing our mission to promote critical thinking for a better informed and knowledgeable community.

A significant highlight for us was providing a live demo of Informit Explore, Australia’s first research and learning database designed specifically for secondary schools and public libraries. This tool aims to combat misinformation and foster critical thinking skills among students and lifelong learners. We were delighted by the positive feedback and valuable insights from attendees, which reaffirm the impact Informit Explore is already having in educational settings.

Informit Explore is the result of our ongoing collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), as well as contributions from teachers, students, and librarians across Australia.

For more information on Informit Explore, visit the following links:

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and engaged with us at ALIA 2024. Your support made the conference a memorable experience, and we look forward to continuing our conversations and collaborations with the library and information services community.

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