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Partner with Informit to expand your publication’s reach to millions of researchers, teachers, and learners around the world. Our 30+ year track record of partnering with publishers, societies, and research centres has made us the destination of choice for scholarly content. By making your content available through Informit you’ll immediately gain access to all Australian and NZ university libraries in addition to school and specialist and public libraries worldwide.

Partner With Us

Benefits to Partnering with Informit


  • We serve the information needs of hundreds of libraries, including academic and public libraries, schools, government institutions, and specialist health and legal libraries.
  • Content is discoverable via all major discovery services such as Google Scholar, EBSCO, and Primo.
  • Increased usage of content in existing and new markets through exposure to a large and diverse group of users.
  • Rich metadata is applied to content to ensure accurate description for discovery.
  • Hosting of content is done at no cost, making it easy to share and cite.
  • Promotion of content is done through tailored collections and social media posts.
  • Detailed usage reports are provided to gain insights into the use of content

Sales and Marketing for a global audience

  • Our global sales team can expand the reach of your content to a wider audience
  • Hosting your content on our platform will provide you with a new revenue stream
  • We ensure that your copyright is always protected
  • Our experienced sales and support team understands the specialised needs of our customers
  • We provide training and run seminars to help customers optimise their use of our platform.
  • Promotion of content is done through tailored collections and social media posts.

Open Access

  • We support and promote Open Access publishing.
  • We index and host your Open Access publication in our collections.
  • Open Access content on Informit is available through all major discovery services.
  • We increase the visibility of your Open Access content to a diverse group of users.
  • Open Access content on Informit is easily identifiable and available without authentication, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.
  • We also offer cost-effective publishing and hosting services to support your transition to Open Access.
  • Find out more about Informit Open Access