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Informit is Australia’s leading source of journals, books, reports and videos focusing on the humanities and social sciences.

For over 30 years we have partnered with publishers and libraries to become an essential resource for the research, scholarly and library communities. Our mission is to foster diversity in publishing and promote critical thinking for a better informed and knowledgeable society.

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Building upon our original collection, APAFT, Informit has evolved to become the most comprehensive collection of journals, books, and grey literature in Australia, with a strong focus on the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, we uniquely offer access to over 15 years of Australian television video news, current affairs stories, and programs, along with an extensive library of curated movies, documentaries, and serial programs from television broadcasts.

We are committed to diverse voices being heard

Our commitment to bibliodiversity sets us apart. We partner with more than 650 respected small to medium size publishers and societies helping to amplify their voice. We support them by offering a royalty stream and cost-effective services.

We aim to amplify Indigenous-led research

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led research is changing the national story in meaningful and positive ways, as well as having beneficial impacts within communities. We are committed to casting a spotlight on Indigenous-led research through our comprehensive collections and initiatives.

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“Informit has a vital role in its stewardship of key Australian content.  It’s great to see Informit continue to invest in its platforms and services to ensure researchers, academics and students can easily access information”

Angus Cook, Director, Content Procurement

Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

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Informit is your gateway to the largest collection of authoritative Australasian content. We provide a diverse range of resources for different sectors in Australia and across the globe.

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