Victorian students get free access to Informit Explore

Informit is proud to announce its collaboration with ATOM Victoria and The Department of Families Fairness and Housing in an initiative aimed at enriching Australian history education in Victorian schools.

This joint effort seeks to provide Victorian schools with a comprehensive range of free teaching and learning resources, offering educators and students access to invaluable materials that deepen their understanding of Australian veterans and their enduring contributions to society.

Through this partnership, Victorian schools will gain exclusive free access to Informit Explore, a new learning and research database that offers an extensive collection of scholarly articles, TV programs, films, and other educational media content. This access will empower teachers and students to explore Australia’s wartime heritage, browsing key subject areas and topical issues related to Australia’s involvement in conflicts throughout history.

In addition to Informit Explore, ATOM Victoria’s curated collection of educational resources will be made available to Victorian schools, including downloadable lesson guides designed to facilitate engaging discussions and activities centered around documentaries and television programs. The ‘Victoria Remembers’ education collection, featuring ATOM Study Guides, will provide educators with valuable tools to foster a deeper understanding of Australia’s wartime history among students.

The Department of Families Fairness and Housing’s support underscores the importance of this initiative in promoting education on Australian history and heritage, particularly concerning the sacrifices and contributions of veterans to our communities.

“We are thrilled to partner with ATOM Victoria and The Department of Families Fairness and Housing in this endeavor to support Australian history education in Victorian schools,” said Laki Sideris, Informit’s Head of Product. “By providing access to Informit Explore we aim to equip educators and students with the resources to understand Australia’s complex wartime narrative.”

Victorian schools can take advantage of this educational offer from 17 April to 15 May, 2024. By leveraging these resources, educators can create enriching learning experiences for students.

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