Higher Education

Informit has been an integral part of the higher education landscape for over 30 years. We offer the largest collection of Australasian scholarly journals, books, papers, videos and bibliographic databases, hosted on a world-class platform that seamlessly integrates with library systems.  Informit is an essential resource for your institution’s collection. 

Our flagship multidisciplinary collection of journals and books across the humanities and social sciences. Coming Soon!

Evolving over 20 years from our original collection, APAFT, this essential collection covers a broad range of subjects, including family and society, media, arts and culture, education, First Nations’ knowledges, business, allied health, technology and beyond.

The premier Australian education research database.

A+ Education Research is Australia’s premier research database on teaching and learning focusing on teacher training, policy, curriculum and pedagogical developments. Created and updated in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research.

The single source for legal journals.

Informit’s AGIS Legal brings together more than 40 years of authoritative and comprehensive legal research from across Australasia, Asia-Pacific and beyond. This expansive collection is an outstanding resource for lawyers, educators, businesspeople, law librarians, students and paralegals, connecting them to specialised information for analysis, awareness and advancement of legal knowledge.

An essential resource for the Australian and New Zealand Engineering community.

Focusing on conferences and reports, this is an essential resource for the Australian and New Zealand Engineering community.

Bibliographic databases covering a range of research areas including criminology, policy, intellectual property and education.

Informit partners with peak body research centre libraries to publish their carefully created bibliographic databases. Most records offer linking to discovery services for full text access, while many records link directly to full text records on the web.

A vast library of curated television broadcast movies, documentaries and serial programs.

EduTV collates the best of educational multimedia content from free-to-air and PayTV broadcasts in Australia. Content is ad-free, on-demand, and frequently updated. Once on the platform, no programs are removed, so subscribers can be confident of continuing availability of every program.

An interdisciplinary collection of journals and books paramount to understanding Indigenous studies across the world.

With a particular focus on First Peoples of Australia, Informit’s Indigenous Collection offers broad scope for critical international engagement with topical and historical issues paramount to understanding Indigenous Studies across the world.

A comprehensive streaming archive of Australian television news and current affairs videos.

A comprehensive archive of streaming Australian television news and current affairs videos. It spans more than 15 years of Australia’s news broadcasts, covering all free-to-air and selected pay-tv networks.  With individual stories abstracted and all contributors identified, it is a unique growing record of Australian news broadcast output.