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Informit’s AGIS Legal brings together more than 40 years of authoritative and comprehensive legal research from across Australasia, Asia-Pacific and beyond. This expansive collection is an outstanding resource for lawyers, educators, businesspeople, law librarians, students and paralegals, connecting them to specialised information for analysis, awareness and advancement of legal knowledge.

Collection Highlights

  • Essential, detailed and peer-reviewed legal resources to enhance navigation of the law and its application
  • Effective discovery of relevant and unique legal information with specialised metadata records
  • Ideal for law, business and academic professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the legal field
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region plus selected articles from other jurisdictions including United Kingdom, United States and Canada, with articles by researchers worldwide
  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources
  • New articles added daily

Key Subjects

  • Political science
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Law reform
  • International law
  • Tax, Trade and Industrial Law
  • Private, Civil and Family Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Civil Procedure and Courts
  • Labour Law
  • Equity and Trusts
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law

Product Details

  • Records: 385,000+
  • Intended for: Higher Education, Public Libraries, Government, International, Legal professionals
  • Coverage: Full text and indexed publications: 1975-onwards

Featured Titles

Our key titles include the following publications: