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Perspectives on educational research, policy and practice.

A+ Education Research is Australia’s premier research database on teaching and learning focusing on teacher training, policy, curriculum and pedagogical developments. Created and updated in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Available in full text (selected) and abstracts only.

Collection Highlights

  • A broad spectrum of authoritative resources to progress professional development activities
  • Learn from rich insights on the complete education experience, from early childhood to adult learning
  • Central access to authoritative information for the education sector worldwide
  • Ideal for those seeking in-depth knowledge of the matters integral to education and training success
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australia, with articles related to the Australian experience by researchers worldwide
  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources

Key Subjects

  • Classroom Dynamics
  • Teaching Methods
  • Teacher Training
  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogy
  • Special Education
  • Adult Learning
  • Language

Product Details

  • Records: 320,000+
  • Intended for: Higher Education, Schools, Government
  • Coverage: 1978-onwards (Full text & indexed articles)

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