Top 5 articles on Informit in 2023

Articles focusing on Indigenous Australia, healthcare and education featured highly in 2023.

The top two most downloaded articles on Informit Search in 2023 looked at models of literacy education and how reported experiences of discrimination among Indigenous Australians may stem from implicit bias. 

1. A map of possible practices: further notes on the four resources model | Practically Primary (Subscriber only).

About the article: The authors assert that teaching and learning isn’t just a matter of skill acquisition, knowledge transmission or natural growth. It’s not just that some approaches work, and some don’t. They all shape and develop a range of literate repertoires in classrooms and all of these repertoires are necessary in new literacy conditions.  

2. Bias against Indigenous Australians: Implicit association test results for Australia | Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues (Open Access)

About the article: Reported experiences of discrimination amongst Indigenous Australians may reflect an implicit bias inherent in Australian society. Such a bias may predispose vast swathes of the population towards considering Indigenous Australians through a negative lens, perhaps unconsciously. This paper explores this subject using previously unpublished data from the internationally renowned Implicit Association Test.

3. Keeping secrets – or not : when and why client confidences may need to be shared | The Proctor (Subscriber only)

About the article: Maintaining client confidentiality is an essential duty for solicitors outlined in Rule 9.1 of the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2012. This article addresses a common ethical concern – are there limited situations in which information may have to be disclosed?

4. Applying the stages of change | Psychotherapy in Australia (Subscriber only)

About the article: This article summarises prescriptive and proscriptive guidelines for improving treatments based on the five stages of change a client may progress through—precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Eight change processes are outlined in detail. 

5. Telling stories: nurses, politics and Aboriginal Australians, circa 1900-1980s | Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession (Open Access)

About the article: Memoirs and other contemporary sources reveal the ways in which government policies in different eras influenced nurses’ attitudes and clinical practice in relation to Aboriginal people and fostered institutionalised racism in health care. The stories are by and about Registered Nurses working in hospitals and clinics in remote areas of Australia from the early 1900s to the 1980s as they came into contact with, or cared for, Aboriginal people.

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