I am fairly new to the business, having started at Informit in August 2022, with a background in educational publishing and teaching. I love working with language and ideas, though I soon found myself enjoying the strategic, business-oriented side of publishing and product development. My first publishing job was at Pearson, where I worked in the higher education publishing team and managed a list of niche academic titles. I was thrown right into the middle of the publishing sector’s digital transformation, and soon moved on from working within a traditional print workflow to conceptualising and managing digital products. I worked on Pearson’s nursing and teacher education lists before starting at Informit as a Product Manager, where my work continues to focus on developing high-quality, educational resources for students, teachers and lifelong learners.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I live in Melbourne with my partner and our two Italian greyhounds. I recently took up meditation and French, though I spend a lot of my spare time reading, (I’m in two book clubs), watching films (and one film club), and plotting ways to score more Qantas frequent flyer points. I also enjoy the privileges of living in the inner-city – live music, strong coffee, and plenty of great food from across the globe.

What does a day in the life of a Product Manager entail?
I have meeting days, which are typically non-stop from morning to evening. I work with most teams across Informit and also have regular calls with customers and contractors. On non-meeting days I’ll try to block out time for focused work on a research piece, product planning, or catching up with ad-hoc to-dos. In-between all of that are emails – so many emails…

What did you study and where? My most recent courses were a Graduate Certificate in Learning Design at QUT and a microcredential in User Experience Design at RMIT Online.

One fun fact about me is:
I have a collection of once-collectible Star Wars dolls that I bought on eBay around age nine or ten after somehow acquiring my dad’s credit card details. He was very angry at me, but I got to keep the dolls.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I am hypermobile, so quite flexible, which is not a particularly useful talent as it means I’m prone to over-stretching and the injuries that come from that.

What was the first musical gig you ever attended? My Chemical Romance at Brisbane’s the Tivoli. My Dad stood at the back of the room reading one of his military war books, thoroughly embarrassing twelve-year-old me. It was my first mosh pit experience – I was both wrecked and delighted.

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