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TVNews is a vital educational resource in the fast-paced and frantic world of 24/7 news cycles.

Informit captures news broadcasts so anyone can track the stories that matter to them. We gather news from every Australian free-to-air network. We upload new content daily and ensure uninterrupted access to it.

Teachers can embed videos within their Learning Management System. Teachers and students can create clips, share content, and pin favourites.

When you need the real story, you can rely on TVNews for unique, factual, and authentic content.

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Collection Highlights

  • Factual, unique, and authentic coverage of Australian news
  • New programs added weekly and always ad-free
  • Embed videos, create clips, and track news stories

Product Details

  • Records: 1,040,000+
  • Intended for: Universites, TAFEs and Schools with a current Screenrights licence
  • Coverage: 2007-onwards