Informit Core

A multidisciplinary collection of journals and books across the humanities and social sciences.

Our flagship multidisciplinary collection of journals and books from a diverse range of publishers. Evolving over 20 years from our original collection, APAFT, this essential collection covers a broad range of subjects, including family and society, media, arts and culture, education, First Nations’ knowledges, business, allied health, technology and beyond. This collection reflects Informit’s dedication to promoting bibliodiversity by amplifying the voices of a diverse range of publishers, including commercial, societal, and open-access publishers.

Subjects include: Media, Arts and Culture; First Nations knowledges, business and economics, allied health and nursing, technology, education; history; linguistics; politics; social work and welfare.

Collection Highlights

  • Essential collection of research on human society for anyone seeking insights into today’s global challenges
  • Australasian focused with some international reach that captures the breadth of 21st-century living
  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and South East Asia, with articles by scholars worldwide

Key Subjects

  • Economics
  • Government
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Politics
  • Communication
  • Diversity
  • Internet
  • Democracy
  • History
  • Employment
  • Media

Product Details

  • Records: 230,000+
  • Intended for: Academic, Government, Agriculture, Corporate, Research institutes, Public Libraries
  • Coverage: Full text publications: 1940-onwards