Australian Engineering Database

In-depth coverage of engineering knowledge from abrasives to zirconium

Australian Engineering Database (ENGINE), produced by the Institution of Engineers Australia, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts Australian engineering information and covers all branches of engineering from abrasives to zirconium.

Source documents include conference papers, journal articles, technical papers, books, discussions, news articles and unpublished papers. ENGINE’s collection carries content indexed from 1980 onwards.

Our suite of index databases is available via subscription on our dedicated Informit Data platform.

Collection Highlights

  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources
  • Ideal for researchers, students and teachers seeking broader understandings of the many facets of engineering and its application to our world within earth, ocean, air, space, and technology
  • A focus on fresh aspects of engineering related to agricultural, aerospace, chemical, civil, coastal, electrical, hydrology, mechanical, military, oceanography and more
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australasia, with articles by scholars worldwide
  • Updated regularly

Key Subjects

  • Design
  • Engineering education
  • Construction
  • Project management
  • Public policy
  • Technology
  • Urban planning
  • Computer software

Product Details

  • Records: 48,000+
  • Intended for: Government, Academic, Specialist researchers
  • Coverage: 1980-onwards (indexed articles only)