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EduTV makes learning from the world around us possible, anytime and anywhere.

EduTV collates the best of educational multimedia content from free-to-air and PayTV broadcasts in Australia. Content is ad-free, on-demand, and frequently updated. Once on the platform, no programs are removed, so subscribers can be confident of continuing availability of every program.

Teachers can embed videos within their Learning Management System for easy sharing. Teachers and students can create clips, share content, and pin favourites.

With a subscription to EduTV through Informit, you will have no added hardware or administration costs and will find the best programming from around the world, including Al Jazeera, The History Channel, BBC Knowledge, Discovery and more.

* Access requires a current Screenrights licence.

Collection Highlights

  • 24/7 access to documentaries, dramas, films, and much more
  • New programs added weekly and always ad-free
  • Create clips, pin favourites, and share content

Product Details

  • Records: 50,000+
  • Intended for: Academic institutions only with a current screenrights licence
  • Coverage: Full text resources: 2006-onwards