Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bibliography

Customised coverage of social and political influences affecting the health of Indigenous populations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bibliography (ATSIhealth), compiled by Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, is produced at Kurongkuri Katitjin the Edith Cowan University Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research. ATSIHealth is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts published and unpublished material on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Source documents include theses, unpublished articles, government reports, conference papers, abstracts, book chapters, books, discussion and working papers, and statistical documents.

Warning: There is the possibility that some records in this database may contain references to deceased people, sacred or secret material, inappropriate terminology or offensive language, which, though unintentional, may cause distress to some people.

Collection Highlights

  • Extensive coverage of current and historical information sources
  • Ideal for researchers, students and teachers seeking broader understandings of Indigenous health issues within the context of Australia’s modern health system
  • A focus on fresh aspects related to Indigenous representation in the health sector, diseases, epidemiology, social and cultural determinants of health and more
  • Dedicated to content from and about Australasia, with articles by scholars worldwide
  • Updated regularly

Key Subjects

  • Chronic diseases
  • Indigenous specific
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Remote
  • National
  • Children
  • Women

Product Details

  • Records: 26,000+
  • Intended for: Specialist researchers, Academics
  • Coverage: 1900-onwards (indexed articles only)